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Welcome to, an extension of Momentum Media Sports Publishing, publisher of Athletic Management, Training & Conditioning, and Coaching Management magazines. Use the search engine, above, to access product information from the top suppliers in the athletic market--as well as over 500 articles on a wide array of topics. Below is Bonus Editorial: a selection of stories not found in our printed publications.

Bonus Editorial

Tools of the Trade: A weekly roundup of institutional-athletics news.

Reader Feedback: More thoughts on Perfect Posture in the March issue of Training & Conditioning.

Blowing the Whistle: A Q&A with Roderick Jackson, Girls' Basketball Coach at Ensley High in Alabama, who took his Title IX complaint all the way to the Supreme Court.

Funeral for Sportsmanship: An athletic director responds to Epiphanny Prince's record-setting 113-point performance.

Do You Really Know Your Athletes? Three simple surveys may glean clues as to what motivates student-athletes on your program's teams.

The Simple, Elegant Usefulness of Checklists: How to help yourself stay on top of your duties, large and small.

Football Guarantees:How much is it worth to be the visiting team at a football stadium packed with home-crowd fans? A lot, suggests an examination of recent guarantee games among NCAA Division I football teams.

American Indian Mascots: Should they be retired?

Problems with Parents?: Frank Smoll gives tips on how to handle those parents who cross the line.

Testing Title IX: Herb Dempsey Explains Why Even the Nicest Parents File Complaints.

Sportsmanship Resource: Idaho high schools share their materials for improving sportsmanship in the stands.

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