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Athletic Management
October/November 2000, Vol. XII, No. 6

Locker Room Bulletin Board ...

Amateurism Proposals: With a vote on the horizon, the debate heats up over these potential new NCAA rules... Title IX: The University of New Mexico chooses prong three to defend its participation figures ... High school softball teams are being compared to baseball teams ... a Q&A with Vivian Fuller, AD at Maryland-Eastern Shore ... Julie Max assumes NATA presidency.

Q&A with Donna Blumer
Athletic Director, Dixie Hollins High School in St. Petersburg, Fla.

Management column ... Shining A Positive Light
When staff members seem gloomy, you need to take a leadership role in boosting morale. Here are some ideas to get you started. By Dr. Elizabeth Alden

Marketing column ... Selling the Big Picture
Capturing today's corporate sponsors takes more than a great sales job. It also entails educating the sponsor on their partnership opportunities. By Tony Lachowetz, Dr. William A. Sutton, and Dr. Mark A. McDonald

Cover Story ... Stars in Stripes
From coast to coast, the shortage in officials is reaching crisis proportions. The assistance of athletic administrators is sorely needed to help this profession make a comeback.

Fund-Raising ... Raising Friends, Raising Funds
For NCAA Division III athletic programs, the key to effective fund-raising is successful friend-raising.

Hiring ... For the Love of It
A look at the ups and downs of using volunteer coaches in your athletic program.

Facilities of Innovation ... Crowd Pleasers
This year's top facility designs focus on catering to the spectators--and they're turning out "fan"tastic.

Special Supplement ... Internet Advances in Athletics
The Internet is bursting with possibilities for today's athletic administrator. The trick is understanding how to click on the good and delete the bad.

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