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Athletic Management
February/March 2001, Vol. XIII, No. 2

Locker Room Bulletin Board
Marketing: Longtime rivals Duke and North Carolina have come together to lure a lucrative new sponsor. Progressive Programs: In Ohio, student-athletes are learning new lessons in leadership through two special conferences.

Q&A with
Mike Barrier
Athletic Director at Narbonne High School, Harbor City, Calif.

Public Relations column
And I'd Like to Thank...
When accepting an award, you have the chance to further your image and promote your team. Here's how to keep your audience engaged (and your knees from wobbling). By Kathleen Hessert

Risk Management column
Giant on the Field
When it comes to supervision, the coach should be a looming giant, observing each athlete and every drill. And yes, you can teach your coaches to do this. By Dr. Richard P. Borkowski.

Cover Story
Keeping the Peace
When a student-athlete comes to you with a complaint about your coach, what's your first reaction? And what's your plan of action? Athletic Directors give advice on how to mediate the conflict--and make it a teaching moment for athlete and coach alike..

Balancing Booster Budgets
Four high school athletic directors explain how they've made fund-raising and gender equity go hand in hand.

Adding Sports
A First Down
Starting a football team from scratch requires a well-conceived game plan. Here's a look at Stillman College's winning strategy.

My Time with Kobe
Having a superstar athlete on one of your high school teams willl stretch your time management skills to the limit. The good news is that it can also make you a bona fide expert in the field.

Special Supplement: Directing Athletics
The Guests Are Here!
Martha Stewart, move over! Stanford University's guest services program shows how to properly play host to a whole arena of visitors.

Offseason: Not Offered
As teams increase their practice time during the offseason, athletic administrators grapple with how to balance funds, facilities, and personnel with the wished of their coaches and student-athletes.

Question of the Day
Are the NCAA's efforts at deregulation worthwhile? Will they work? Which ideas are most promising?

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