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Athletic Management
April/May 2001, Vol. XIII, No. 3

Locker Room Bulletin Board
High School News: The U.S. Supreme Court rules that the TSSAA is a state actor ... fall girls' basketball is facing extinction.
Progressive Programs: Basketball teams nationwide have been promoting tolerance for diversity through a program called One Nation, One Flag, One People.

Q&A with
Ian McCaw
Athletic Director at Northeastern University.

Coaching column
Want to Join Us?
Getting students to try out for your sport takes more than posting a sign on the locker room door. It involves creatively promoting and talking about your program, as well as conducting a dynamic initial team meeting. By Keith Manos.

Marketing column
A Triple Play
Many athletic departments are enticing new corporate sponsors through "cause-related" programs, which connect the company, athletic department, and community in a triple-win situation. By Dr. William A. Sutton and Dr. Mark. A. McDonald.

Cover Story
In a Word
The longstanding tradition of high school athletes orally committing to a college is falling apart at the seams. Will the trend of broken promises continue? And are there any solutions?

Coach on Jacks
Like a finicky sports car, some coaches can be high maintenance. Here's how to be their mechanic -- or determine if they're better off in the junkyard.

Presidential Politics
Communicating with upper-level administration can be challenging, but it's critical to the ongoing success of your program.

New Options Underfoot
If you're in the market for a new athletic field, know that the synthetic turf industry is on a roll. In this article, manufacturers give tips on understanding and purchasing the latest technology in turf.

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