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Athletic Management
June/July 2001, Vol. XIII, No. 4

Locker Room Bulletin Board
Progressive Programs: Milwaukee schools are using a unique advisory board to help them determine a direction for high school athletics.
On Campus: Hoping to stem the tide of schools leaving its organization, the NAIA is upgrading its efforts in membership services, marketing, and public relations.

Q&A with
Dan Van Winkle
Athletic Director, Cumberland County (Tenn.) High School.

Risk Management column
Caution: Soccer Ahead
It is one of the safest sports a high school can offer, but that doesn't mean soccer is risk free. Tipping goals and lower-leg injuries still happen far too often. By Dr. Richard P. Borkowski.

Management column
Inspecting the Foundation
If you don't pay attention to the four cornerstones of a solid athletic department, you may eventually find everything crumbling around you. By Dr. Elizabeth A. Alden.

Cover Story
'Round the World
International students are making their mark on American athletics at many levels. But what is a boon for colleges may be a bane for high schools.

Directions to Surf
Whether you're looking for information on an opposing team or personal finances, it's easy to get lost in cyberspace. This article will point you in the right direction -- for wherever you may want to go.

Coming to Terms
As the market for head coaches continues its volatile trend, athletic directors need to be savvy, creative, and forward-thinking in negotiating (and renegotiating) coaching contracts.

Is It Feasible?
When contemplating a new athletic facility for your campus, consider starting with a feasibility study. This can help you determine a focus -- and build important consensus -- for the project.

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