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Athletic Management
October/November 2001, Vol. XIII, No. 6

Locker Room Bulletin Board
High School News: A new new MIAA policy hopes to deter schools from taking their eligibility problems to court.
Sports Medicine: Team physicians take a closer look at the role of hormones in ACL tears ... College strength coaches implement a new certification process ... Field hockey and lacrosse debate the use of goggles ... Two new studies show an increase in drug use by student-athletes

Q&A with
Jack Morrison
Former Activities Director, Northwest High School, Mo.

Marketing column
All Hands In
In other industries, marketing alliances have become common practice. With a little creativity, they can work in the athletic arena, also.

Coaching column
Sailing Away
It's natural for coaches to occasionally second-guess their commitment to their teams. But how do they know when it's really time to retire?

Cover Story
Noticing the Nontraditional
As attitudes and interests of today's youngsters change, some administrators are starting to wonder if athletics offerings should change, too. Here's a look into the crystal ball of high school athletics.

Goal: A Good Hire
Finding, assessing, and hiring for open positions in an athletic department is not as simple as it used to be. But, by developing streamlined and equitable procedures, the process will go more smoothly.

Progressive Programs
Clearing the Haze
Two years after hazing cost of high-profile ice hockey team half its season, what are schools doing to address the issue?

Facilities of Innovation
Polished Diamonds
Five new athletic facilities are helping to make today's top baseball and softball teams shine.

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