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Athletic Management
June/July 2002, Vol. XIV, No. 4

Locker Room Bulletin Board
Publicity: What's new in Web services
Sports Medicine: NY schools push to have more ATCs.
Title IX: Study shows decline in female ADs.
Progressive Programs: Indiana High football team gets a boost.

Q&A with
Clarence Underwood
Michigan State University

Fund-Raising column
Fun on the Fairway
Golf outings are a staple of athletic fund-raising. But are you getting the most out of yours?

Risk Management column
Sizing Up Standards
One of the most critical aspects of risk management is knowing what the standards are for all the sports and the facilities you oversee. Just as important is keeping up with them as they change.

Cover Story
Olympic Sports: Friend or Foe?
The relationship between Olympic sports and collegiate athletics is characterized by both cooperation and conflict. This article provides a look at what the future holds in this arena.

What Makes A Mentor?
All coaches need mentors. In fact, they need many different types of mentors throughout their careers. Here's how athletic directors can fulfill this role, and watch their coaches benefit from it.

Progressive Programs
Marketing With Class
At the University of North Florida, sports marketing students do more than sit and learn. They help the athletic department promote sports in new and fun ways.

Sports Medicine
Breathing Easy
As the number of student-athletes with asthma continues to increase, athletic directors are implementing comprehensive plans to deal with this very treatable‹but potentially life-threatening‹condition.

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