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Athletic Management
August/Sept. 2002, Vol. XIV, No. 5

Locker Room Bulletin Board
On Campus: Tackling the Offseason Workout
Football Issues: Friday night scheduling fights continue.
Title IX: Scholarship inequities are brought to light.
Initial Eligibility: High school ADs comment on proposed changes. Promoting Diversity: Black Women in Sport Foundation turns 50.

Q&A with
Gary Hice
Petosky (Mich.) High School

Leadership column
Creating a New Scoreboard
Athletic successes go beyond wins and losses, but few measuring tools exist beyond the record books. Using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can help quantify department wins in a new way.

Coaching column
Respecting the Ref
In the face of increasing amounts of abuse from players, coaches, and fans, many officials are leaving the profession. But there are steps you can take to help keep them around.

Cover Story
Behind the Smiles
Improving student-athlete welfare has become an important discussion in collegiate athletics today. Here's how to use both informal and formal methods to evaluate if your support systems are working.

Visions of Time
So you want to have time for vision, to be a leader...but the daily tasks keep getting in the way? The key to time management, author David Hoch explains, is knowing your style, using time blocks, and practice.

New Sports
Running With Rugby
No longer just for bloodied, beer-swilling louts, rugby is finding a new popularity among American students. In response, schools are looking into turning their clubs teams into varsity sports.

Progressive Programs
A Team Effort
You can't control all of your athletes' actions, especially those that occur off the field. But you can get them thinking more about their behavior by having each team develop its own social contract.

Safe In Their Seats?
The deaths of two children, one in Minnesota and one in Texas, have caused lawyers, legislators, and administrators to rethink the nuances of bleacher safety.

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