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Athletic Management
Oct/Nov. 2002, Vol. XIV, No. 6

Locker Room Bulletin Board
On Campus: College sports network to broadcast in 2003
Track & Field: Answering pole vault safety questions.
Progressive Programs: Boston-area high schools embrace sports psychology.
High School News: Vacation policies come under scrutiny. Sports Medicine: A unique return-to-play decision at Texas.

Q&A with
Cary Groth
Northern Illinois University

Risk Management column
Spicing Up Safety
How do you keep your coaches interested (and awake) during safety lectures? Try one or all of these ideas, techniques, and shameless gimmicks.

Crisis Management column
Part of the Game Plan
A crisis, by definition, means bad news. But, with a team approach and a playbook of options, your department can pull off a spectacular comeback.

Cover Story
Double Duty
As the teaching profession becomes more demanding, it's getting increasingly harder to find teachers also willing to coach. But with the right sales pitch and some flexibility in scheduling, you can lure almost any new faculty member onto the court.

Cinderella Fellas
When the tournament clock tolls 0:00, what do Cinderella teams really go home to? The same old pumpkin, or a chariot of publicity? These pages provide a case study of one of America's favorite fairy-tale teams.

The Right Choice
At the NCAA Division III level, what factors are most important to student-athletes in choosing a college? This article has some answers, and some advice for both high school and college coaches.

Part of the Culture
Every community has developed its own culture, especially when it comes to athletics. Taking the time to understand that culture can make your job easier and your athletic department better.

Facilities of Innovation
Gridiron Grandeur
Whether it's to keep up with the Joneses or to pack in more fans, expanding and updating football facilities is the trend of the year.

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