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Athletic Management
April/May 2003, Vol. XV, No. 3

Warm Up
Title IX: Commission on Opportunity issues its report.
On Campus: Governing Boards group to look at athletics reform.
Rules Changes:Wood-bat decision stirs up heated debate.
Recruiting:A new series of college fairs focus on athletes.
Sportsmanship: Crowds too rowdy?
Risk Management: Talking & Driving.
Student-Athlete Welfare: A Bill for Thought.

Q&A with
Gary Walters
Princeton University

Title IX column
Have a Seat
With so much media attention focused on the current federal review of Title IX, it's easy to forget that compliance means much more than proportionality. This author challenges you to assess your basic priorities.

Leadership column
Turning 'Em On
Motivating your staff members to do the best job they can involves creating an energized atmosphere. Consider the following eight ideas.

Cover Story
Cleaning Up The Court
Rough play continues to be a concern in basketball and several other sports, despite varied attempts at control. Here's how athletic directors can help effect change.

Financing the Future
What's the best way to ensure the continued viability of your athletic program? The answer is endowments, an idea that requires both discipline and creativity.

Sports Medicine
An Ignored Epidemic
One out of four female athletes in your program is suffering from amenorrhea, which can have devastating effects on their long-term health. But education and prevention strategies can go a long way toward ending this little-talked-about epidemic.

Progressive Programs
One Idea...
...deserves another, and another. This article presents 11 affordable, easy-to-implement programs for high school athletic directors.

Risk Management
What's Age Got to Do With It?
Age-discrimination lawsuits are on the rise, and they can be costly. Experts explain the nuances of the law and suggest ways to keep ageism out of your department.

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