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Athletic Management
June 2003, Vol. XV, No. 4

Warm Up
High Schools: Eligibility problems rock N.C. district.
Marketing: Tiger Tracks ice cream boosts Missouri athletics.
On Campus: New D-I conference calls it quits.
Finances:Reacting to budget cuts.
Sports Medicine: HealthSouth in rehab ... Jamie Carey: Final Four frame.
Progressive Programs: Therapist on call for Lady Vols.
Fund-Raising: Pro volleyball tour boost D.C.-area high school programs.
Team Travel: Vermont's snowboard NCAA tourney trip.

Q&A with
Rich Cathcart
Bret Harte (Calif.) High School

Marketing column
Taking Off
How do you propel your school mascot into its own brand? The keys are institutional support, consistency, and creative storylines.

Leadership column
Walk With A View
When a new principal arrived at his school, this author discovered a great way to strengthen the bonds between athletics and education on their campus.

Cover Story
Measuring Success
A national championship in one sport may not reflect the overall strength of a school's athletic program. That's why many athletic directors are placing an increased emphasis on raising their school's NACDA Cup rankings.

In the Interim
A head coach resigns when you least expect it. Who will lead the team now? Athletic directors who have been there offer their advice.

Public Relations
Promoting the Positives
How do you drown out the noise of negative publicity? By playing up all the positives behind your program.

Progressive Programs
Hazing Hits Home
After the shock of a hazing incident wears off, the hard work of rebuilding a better athletic program begins. Here's a look at how one small-twon high school is charting a new course.

Building Strength
Once famous as dank places in the deepest basement corners, today's weightrooms are just the opposite. Designed to motivate athletes in new ways, they appeal to the senses as well as the muscles.

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