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Athletic Management
Febrary/March 2004 Vol. XVI, No. 2

Warm Up
On Campus: Hooters sponsorship sparks debate

High School News: Coping with budget cuts

Sports Medicine: Women laxers get eye protection

Leadership: Metro State survives a shut-down scare

Q&A with
Marshall Hamilton
Leesville Road High School, N.C.

Game Plans
Communication Strategies: New technology offers many new and exciting ways to communicate. But you must know when to use what form--and when to come out from behind the screen. By Dr. Vincent Mumford

Emergency Plans: Most schools have updated their overall emergency protocols since Sept. 11. Does your athletic department have its own Emergency Athletic Action Plan? By Dr. Richard Borkowski

Cover Story
Change in the Air
As cheerleaders become more athletic and more interested in competing, many squads are looking to be called sports--and count under Title IX numbers. In response, many athletic directors are rethinking how they manage their spirit programs.

Defining sport
When considering the status of spirit squads, it's useful to examine how the expectations of sports have historically differed according to gender.

Taking a Timeout
Today's athletic director must be an efficient manager and an effective leader. The trick is doing both at the same time. By Dr. Elizabeth Alden

Sports Medicine
A Second Opinion
Selecting and supervising team physicians is not as straightforward as it once was. Opinions vary on everything from what the doctor's background should be to who should oversee the MD.

Progressive Programs
Better Banquets
From backyard barbecues to black tie affairs, many athletic departments are reinventing their seasonal sports banquets.

New Media
Catching the Future
New media technology may revolutionize how fans watch sports. Will it be a challenge or an opportunity for your athletic department?

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