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Athletic Management
April/May 2004 Vol. XVI, No. 3

Warm Up
High School News: Private schools come under scrutiny.

Fund-Raising: Sonoma State sells horses.

Risk Management: Central Michigan discontinues 15-seat van travel.

Risk Management: Pole vault safety requires trained coaches.

Policies and Procedures: New advice on HIPAA

Sports Medicine: Emerging helmet technology helps deal with and maybe prevent concussions among football players.

College Sports: NCAA Division II tries building spring championships into one critical mass.

College Sports: A "think tank for college sports reform" is formed.

Q&A with
Susan Bassett
William Smith College

Game Plans
Locker Room Lessons: What goes on in your school's locker rooms? Unless you provide consistent supervision, the answer could be far different than you think.
By Dr. Richard P. Borkowski

Difficult Coaches: It only takes one negative coach to undermine a department's positive atmosphere. By identifying a problem coach's style, you may be able to get him or her back on the right track. By Dr. Robert Bunnell

Cover Story
The Right Path
The character of your coaches may be your program's longest-lasting legacy. Experienced athletic directors provide advice on how to make ethics a part of the hiring, evaluation, and mentoring process.

Progressive Programs
Captains in Training

What do you do when you want to send all your team captains to a leadership seminar? The author of this article simply hosted one at his own school.

Title IX
Year in Review
From ice hockey venues to coaching inequities, Title IX concerns continue to be in the news and in the courts. Here's a review of the most recent interpretations of this law.

Inventing Incentives
More and more athletic directors are offering their coaches incentive pay. The trick is tailoring the bonus to what is affordable, appropriate, and meaningful for your program.

Thinking the Unthinkable
If a tragedy strikes your program, you will need lots of help. Be prepared by thinking now about who will do what and when.

Scouting Report
Thinking the Unthinkable
If a tragedy strikes your program, you will need lots of help. Be prepared by thinking now about who will do what and when.

Special Section on Fund-Raising
Cashing In
From food sales to annual auctions, any fund-raising project has the potential to be successful. The keys are understanding your resources, coming up with a strategic plan, and keeping volunteers motivated. In this article, a longtime coach and fund-raiser explains what he's learned over the years.

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