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Athletic Management
June/July 2004 Vol. XVI, No. 4

Warm Up
Recruiting: The high school coach's role in preventing abuses

On Campus: USOC and NCAA partner to study cuts.

New Sports: Climbing teams gain popularity.

High School News: Revisting club-school team conflicts.

College Sports: A three-for-one offer draws season-ticket buyers.

Event Management: An organization offers help for public-address announcers.

Gender Equity: Fewer than half of women's teams coached by women.

Finances: A student-managed endowment pays off.

Q&A with
Greg Waggoner
Western State College

Game Plans
Boosting Football Attendance: Stillman College is a small school that treats its fans to a big-time football experience. It's been rewarded with record-breaking attendance.
By Dr. Donald Staffo

The Mental Game: Coaches know that the most successful athletes have mastered the mental aspects of sports. But do they know how to teach them? A written curriculum can help. By Mitch Lyons

Cover Story
The 'A' Team
No one is feeling the squeeze of NCAA academic reform more than those in the trenches of academic support. In this article, we talk to administrators and counselors who are figuring out how to rise to the challenge.

New AD on the block

If you are one of the many administrators who will be starting a new job in the fall, be forewarned: There will be a school full of surprises (both good and bad) waiting for you. Here's how to prepare.

Progressive Programs
Cheer Pressure
Peer pressure is a big motivator when student fans get out of control. It can also be your greatest resource for keeping them in control.

New Strategies
Making the Team

How do your coaches choose who makes the team? Adding a concrete rating system can go a long way toward making the process less stressful and more objective.

What's in a Name?
A lot of money, if you know how to carefully approach the game of selling naming rights.

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