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Athletic Management
August/September 2004 Vol. XVI, No. 5

Warm Up
Sports Medicine: Heart-related deaths in lacrosse prompt concern, ideas for change.

On Campus: Wrestling group loses appeal ... Retaliation case to be heart by the Supreme Court

Facilities: New projects are aimed at baby boomer alumni.

Rules Changes: Indiana re-examines its rules for special-education students.

College Sports: Fantasy sports camps hit campuses.

Kansas University streamlines its athletic board.

High School Sports: Maine's state association gets out of gymnastics.

A team forfeits in protest of how club-team rules are applied.

Q&A with
Jerry Dawson
Chaparral High School (Ariz.)

Game Plans

Goal Setting with Athletes: Most administrators and coaches recognize the importance of writing down their goals. But have you ever considered asking your athletes to do the same?
By Mitch Lyons

Three-Season Plan for Safety: Keeping athletes safe and coaches free from liability requires a preseason, in-season, and offseason plan.
By Dr. Richard P. Borkowski

Cover Story
Pride & Passion
Rivalries are one of the most powerful aspects of athletics. But they can also get out of hand. Athletic directors at all levels are examining how they promote rivalries -- as well as how to create new ones.

Legal Issues
Working Overtime

A rash of recent lawsuits related to overtime pay has left many high schools rethinking who they will allow to coach their teams this fall.

Selling Your Sports
The newest ideas in boosting ticket sales include e-mail marketing, rewarding season ticket holders, facilitating group sales, and catering to the hometown crowd.

The Interview Team

In hiring new coaches, the interview process is key. This article provides advice from 10 different athletic directors on how to upgrade your interviewing strategies.

From Sweats to Suits

When a coach is interested in becoming an administrator, what is the athletic director's role in the process? Here are some concrete ways to mentor them through the transition.

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