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Athletic Management
October/November 2004 Vol. XVI, No. 6

Warm Up
Recruiting: Basketball coaches want new rules.

Conduct Codes How to make them consistent.

Title IX: Case over nontraditional seasons remains in court.

Legal Issues: An update on the new overtime rules for coaches.

University sues over coach leaving with time left on his contract.

New Media: Western Illinois broadcasts three of its football games on the Web.

College Sports: Bigger spending seldom a good investment, Knight Foundation says

High School Sports: School helps rival save football season.

High school athletes grace public-service posters.

Communications: Media guides revised to fight crime.

Q&A with
Jim Livengood
University of Arizona

Game Plans

Who is Responsible?
Teaching athletes how to take responsibility for their losses can go a long way toward improving their sportsmanship and developing their character.
By Dr. Dennis Johnson

Having Fun Again
Taking time to stop and smell the roses
may seem impossible in the time-stretched life of an athletic director. But it is necessary. This veteran AD says he's learning how.
By Dr. David Hoch

Cover Story
Battle for the Ball
As club sport teams become a larger part of our national landscape, will high school athletes no longer be needed? In this article, we take a look in to the future of hte high school vs. club team debate.

Sports Medicine
Up to Speed

Proper sports nutrition is a must for today's competitive athletes, but myths and misconceptions on the topic abound. Here are the latest updates, from the top experts, on fueling for performance.

New Sports
Turning the Mats
It can help with Title IX compliance, is inexpensive, and reaches a population not often involved in other sports. Ready or not, women's wrestling is turning heads and making its move.

Group Discussion

Looking for fresh ideas, inspiration, and a way to get others to help your program? Look no further than the Athletic Committee.

Facilities of Innovation
Field of Their Own

Multi-use facilities have their plusses, but sometimes what a team really needs is a space of its own. Five universities talk about the benefits of not sharing.

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