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Athletic Management
February/March 2005 Vol. XVII, No. 2

Warm Up
High School News: State education boards look to provide more oversight.

Who's best at helping young female student-athletes avoid bad choices? Other young female student-athletes.

On Campus Purdue asks students to adopt teams.

The NCAA straddles the North-South baseball divide.

Leadership: Penn State wins inaugural "Excellence" Award.

Changing Trends: Should middle schoolers play on high school teams?

Sports Safety: A helmet just for pole vault debuts.

Game Management: The University of Hawai'i commisions islands-centric music for its football stadium.

Q&A with
Joe Baker
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Game Plans

Cheer Safety
With the vast growth of competitive cheer, there needs to be vast growth in reducing its risks.
By Dr. Richard P. Borkowski

Teaching Effort
How can coaches get their athletes to give 100 percent in everything they do? Make it part of the practice plan.
By Mitch Lyons

Cover Story
Your Next Great Coach
Hiring successful coaches entails a delicate balance of detective work, insight, and public relations. In this article, top athletic directors reveal their philosophies and strategies.
By Laura Smith

Sports Medicine
From Hands to Head

Athletic trainers have struggled for years to determine the most accurate way of assessing concussions. Now there are some answers.
By R.J. Anderson

Restoring Luster
Every athletic program has its ups and downs, its glory days and its losing streaks. That's why every athletic director needs to know how to restore luster to a slumping program.
By Dan Cardone

New Media
Loose Talk

Is there a way to put a stop to Internet message boards? Probably not. But there are ways to lessen their negative effect on your athletic program.
By Kennny Berkowitz

Policies & Procedures
Clear Directions

Codes of conduct can serve as a moral compass for your student-athletes. When was the last time you updated yours?
By David Paling

Directing Athletics
... In the College Arena

Cover Story
Changing Direction
When should you consider changing conferences? And how do you find the right league for your program?

Student-Athlete Services
One Student At A Time
Auburn University's CHAMPS/Life Skills program received a 2004 Program of Excellence award from the Division I-A Athletic Directors' Association. The program's success stems from its structure and its focus on collaboration.
By Virgil Starks, Janice Robinson, and Troy Smith

Question of the Day
Should the NCAA alter its three-division structure?

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