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Athletic Management
April/May 2005 Vol. XVII, No. 3

Warm Up
Sportsmanship: Ohio implements strict penalties for athlete-fan fights.

Marketing & Promotions: Georgia Tech targets a new fan base.

New Ideas Football in the spring? Softball in the fall?

Facilities High school shares gift with college and gets a first-class track to use.

Policies & Procedures Wright State takes the lead in developing pregnant-athlete protocols

Drug Testing Some high schools take on testing for performance-enhancing drugs.

Risk Management Pitcher claims poor weight-room supervision cost him.

Strength Training: Maryland high school student-athletes help senior citizens with weight training.

Q&A with
Byron Olson
Lakeville (Minn.) High School

Game Plans

A Little Philosophy
How do you make sure your coaches follow an ethical path? Ask them to each write their own coaching philosophy statement.
By Dr. Dennis Docheff

Show 'Em The Books
As academic performance becomes more important than ever for collegiate student-athletes, athletic directors and ccoaches need to promote a different culture in their programs.
By Dr. Kevin Hatcher

Cover Story
Mind Over Matter

Focus, concentration, control: The latest trend in winning programs is mental skills training. Here's how to implement it at any level of play.
By Laura Smith

A Tall Order

Every high school may dream of having the next NBA star among its students, but one athletic director finds out the privilege comes with some tough choices.
By Grant Nesbit

Strategic Planning
A Working Document
A strategic plan is only effective if its ideas are put into motion. The keys are to get all staff members involved and have a structure for reviewing progress.
By Dr. Elizabeth Alden and Jennifer Hughes

Legal Issues
Keeping Score on Overtime

New federal regulations are changing the status of many assistant coaches regarding overtime pay. Five schools explain how they are complying.
By Greg Scholand

Great Expectations

If their child has any athletic talent, most parents are ready to sign them up for a college scholarship. Hosting an information meeting on the topic can help families understand the realities of the process.
By Dr. David Hoch

Guide to Fundraising
Partnering with Parents

Want a booster club that is creative, energetic, and never issues a complaint? Knowing how to work with parent volunteers can make all the difference.
By Kenny Berkowitz

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