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Athletic Management
June/July 2005 Vol. XVII, No. 4

Warm Up
Title IX: Internet surveys can gauge interest, and whistleblowers are protected.

Progressive Programs: Liberty High School uses The Book to develop its athletes.

Academic Reform: Athletic directors respond to inaugural APR scores.

Coaching: New research on reducing stress.

Leadership: A hoops hero.

Promotions: Scoring with seats.

Policies and Procedures: Taming tongues.

High school news: Massachusetts legislature pushes athletics mental-skills curriculum.

Q&A with
Jerry Wollmering
Truman State University

Game Plans
Risk Management Answers
Our expert answer the top 10 questions in athletics risk management.
By Dr. Richard P. Borkowski

Turning On Ideas
Delegating work to your staff involves more than handing out tasks. It means teaching them how to come up with their own ideas to a different culture solving problems.
By Doug Silsbee

Cover Story
From Recruits to Frosh

Recruiting is changing at a rapid pace, and both high school and college athletic directors need to help their coaches adjust. In this article, we reveal the strategies of both sides, and how they can collaborate for better outcomes.
By Laura Smith

Rookie at Bat

Most athletic departments have at least one rookie head coach on their staff every year. How you mentor them will often determine how long they stay.
By Dan Cardone

Publicity and Promotion
Getting the Word Out
What can athletic departments do to obtain more media coverage for their unheralded athletes? This author provides some tricks of the trade.
By Jeff Brewer

Academic Reform
Books & Brawn

Boston College open its playbook on how it fosters academic success.
By Kennny Berkowitz

Strengthening Your Staff

Today's sport coaches want their athletes to strength train, but few know how to design an effective lifting program. Hiring a strength and conditioning coach is a solution many schools are turning to.
By Abigail Funk

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