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Athletic Management
October/November 2005 Vol. XVII, No. 6

Warm Up
On Campus: College coaches in Pennsylvania threaten to strike.

Sports Medicine: An Arizona school district trades advertising for team doctors.

Progressive Programs: Rutgers athletes learn how to resist negative pressures.

New Sports: A look at flag football for girls.

In the Stands: Tennessee school's safety-motivated ban on spectators' flag-waving sparks feelings over Confederate banner.

Hiring: A male coach sees reverse discrimination in job with a women's team.

Friday Night Football A Texas high school game is on TV -- except in Texas.

Rules Changes: NCAA Amateurism Clearinghouse taking over professional-status duty.

Q&A with
Pierce Frauenheim
Immaculata (N.J.) High School

Game Plans

Super Vision
An expert reviews the best ways to keep an eye on athletes and their safety.
By Dr. Richard P. Borkowski

Selling Out
Do you want to allow even minor sexual expoitation of your athletes?
By Dr. James Conn and Dr. Dennis Docheff

Cover Story
A Tough Game

In an era of greater school choice, athletes are becoming more aggressive about transferring for athletic reasons. Some athletic administrators are now starting to fight back.
By Laura Smith

How to Say Thank-You

You can show donors you appreciate their gifts with a thank-you note. Or you can dazzle them with a unique and personal expression of gratitude.
By Kenny Berkowitz

Livesaving Techniques
It's easy to drown in your job as an athletic director. This author presents a survival guide anyone can grab on to.
By Dr. David Hoch

Sports Medicine
The Latest Scoop

Investigative journalists across the country are finding universities to be out of compliance with the NCAA's rule on distributing supplements. Make sure you're not the next to be in the headlines.
By Greg Scholand

Facilities of Innovation
Football Facelifts

Today's football stadiums are the front porch of many athletic programs. And they are being designed with that in mind.
By R.J. Anderson

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