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Bonus Editorial
Project Interlock

Interlock Evaluation

This form is given to all student participants at the end of the meeting.

1. Do you feel like the meeting was beneficial to you?

          Yes     No


2. Were the speakers' messages of value to you?

          Yes     No


3. Did you feel the time sequence of the activities was:

     Too long
Too short
Just right

4. Name two ways you feel like this experience could be improved.

5. what did you like most about the meeting?

6. Did you learn any new ideas that you might use in your school to improve sportsmanship and relations with other schools?

          Yes     No

Please list the ideas your school would like to use:

7. What one word best describes the Interlock meeting?

8. Should student Interlock participants wear their Interlock t-shirts to the games?

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    A copy of article running in the Feb./Mar. 2000 issue of Athletic Management

  • Start with the Fundamentals
    A listing of the six fundamentals of good sportsmanship

  • Discussion Questions
    A dozen questions to get the students talking

  • Tips for Administrators
    How to get sportsmanship going at your school

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