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Bonus Editorial
Project Interlock

Discussion Questions for Participating Students

1. Determine four ways the host school could provide for visiting schools' cheerleaders, teams, and student bodies?

2. How can students best help in controlling rowdy and unsportsmanlike parents or patrons?

3. How can host schools best control rowdy students? What should schools do about the following problems:

  • Ice being thrown
  • Coins being flipped
  • Profanity
  • Rude and disrespectful remarks

    4. What signs should be allowed at football games?

    5. Prior to a contest, members of the opposing school remove some of your spirit signs. What should you do?

    6. How can we get all students more involved in school spirit?

    7. What can be done to improve conduct and respect for the flag during the playing of the national anthem?

    8. What unique suggestions do you have for promoting sportsmanship in your school that students will support?

    9. How would you address negative school spirit?

    10. What can your school do to promote respect and positive attitudes toward visiting teams, cheerleaders, and students?

    11. During a contest, students from the opposing team take a position in, above, or near your cheering section and start cheering for their team. What could you do?

    12. It is the middle of a football game and several members of your student body insist on trying to harass the opposing team by yelling derogatory remarks. What could you do to stop this?

  • "Idaho High Schools Look to the Stands"
    A copy of article running in the Feb./Mar. 2000 issue of Athletic Management

  • Start with the Fundamentals
    A listing of the six fundamentals of good sportsmanship

  • Feedback
    A sample evaluation form to review the program

  • Tips for Administrators
    How to get sportsmanship going at your school

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