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Bonus Editorial
Project Interlock

Sportsmanship:10 ways to get it going in your school and community.

1. Develop a code of good sportsmanship and print a copy of it in event programs, on signs, banners, and posters.

2. Review the code of good sportsmanship with the student body, coaches, teams, cheerleaders, and band members.

3. Begin a column or sportsmanship hall of fame in your school newspaper that identifies and recognizes groups and/or individuals who demonstrate good sportsmanship.

4. Send a letter to the visiting team's principal, athletic director, coach, and cheerleading squad welcoming them to your school.

5. Prepare and give to adult fans a sheet stating the following: "The _____________ high school student body extends an invitation to our adult fans to help us in demonstrating good sportsmanship."

6. Have your school's cheerleaders perform a special welcome cheer for the cheerleaders of the visiting team.

7. Post "Welcome" signs in each team's locker room.

8. Have the public address announcer welcome guests and request the home team's fans to stand and applaud when guests are introduced.

9. Organize a good sportsmanship board or committee to create good feelings between the two schools and communities.

10. Use pregame announcements to help promote good sportsmanship throughout the contest.

  • "Idaho High Schools Look to the Stands"
    A copy of article running in the Feb./Mar. 2000 issue of Athletic Management

  • Start with the Fundamentals
    A listing of the six fundamentals of good sportsmanship

  • Discussion Questions
    A dozen questions to get the students talking

  • Feedback
    A sample evaluation form to review the program

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