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Bonus Editorial
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Improving Sportsmanship in the Stands through Project Interlock

In the Feb./Mar. 2000 issue of Athletic Management, we profiled an exciting sportsmanship program being used in several high schools in Idaho. It's called "Project Interlock" and its aim is to educate high school students on how to be good sports while cheering on their teams.

The idea behind Project Interlock is simple but effective. Twice a year, athletic directors from every high school in the Southern Idaho Conference (SIC) choose seven students as representatives to attend a half-day Interlock meeting. The students aren't usually athletes but other student body leaders, especially those who often attend athletic events.

The conference teaches these students the importance of their role in promoting sportsmanship. The event features speakers and small group discussions, all designed to get these students thinking about how what they do in the stands at athletic events has an effect on community spirit and cooperation. During the discussion time, students are asked to come up with their own solutions to improving sportsmanship. They are also asked to think of ways to disseminate what they've learned to their peers back at their schools.

With thanks to Rex Johnson, Principal of Centennial High School in Boise, Idaho, and a founder of Project Interlock, we are providing, on the following links, resources about the program so that you, too, can set up your own student sportsmanship program.

  • "Idaho High Schools Look to the Stands"
    A copy of article running in the Feb./Mar. 2000 issue of Athletic Management

  • Start with the Fundamentals
    A listing of the six fundamentals of good sportsmanship

  • Discussion Questions
    A dozen questions to get the students talking

  • Feedback
    A sample evaluation form to review the program

  • Tips for Administrators
    How to get sportsmanship going at your school

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