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Coaching Management
Softball Edition
Annual Edition 2004, Vol. XII, No. 9

Locker Room Bulletin Board
ASA tests new softball bats... Field disparities prompt Title IX suits ... Division II closes its seasion with a Spring Sports Festival ... NCAA modifies its rules on lines ... Coaches Academy builds skills ... NFHS to require batting masks... Farleigh Dickinson gets a new home field.

New England Small College Athletic Conference Coach of the Year Kris Herman talks about the keys to her successful transition from Tufts to Williams, her experiences overseas, and the benefits of coaching in Division III.

Cover Story
Heading for Home
Smart, aggressive, instinctive base running can make the difference between victory and defeat. Here's how four coaches train their players to make the right choices on the base paths.

Professional Growth
Good Connections
No matter what your communications system, your athletic director is a person you want to hook up with.

Competitive Edge
A Strong Swing
Michigan State shares its exercises for reducing injuries and developing explosive power among its softball players.

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