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Coaching Management
Football Edition
Postseason Edition 2004, Vol. XII, No. 10

Locker Room Bulletin Board
Solving NCAA recruiting reforms take hold, but some high school coaches feel others are needed ... A coach in New York helps raise money to save a rival's season ... Clemson installs hydraulically-operated goalposts ... MHSAA video emphasizes the importance of coaching character ... Contract dispute forces a college coach from the sideline ... ... College teams may soon face penalties for lagging academics

Dan Wood, David Douglas High School, Portland, Ore.

Cover Story
Running the Numbers
By looking at the numbers more carefully, coaches may find that some "risky" plays can put the odds in their favor and help them win more games.

Off the Field
Good Connections
Your athletic director is a person you want to hook up with. Here's how to partner with this busy, behind-the-scenes boss.

Strength Training
Small School, Big muscles
Facing limited resources, Bridgewater College coaches developed an efficient strength program that has helped make the Eagles a top Division III team.

High School Champions
Winning Them Over
Before leading Boyle County High School to five consecutive state titles, Head Coach Chuck Smith had to convince the school's best athletes to play football.

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