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Coaching Management
Football Edition
Preseason Edition 2005, Vol. XIII, No. 4

Locker Room Bulletin Board
NCAA Division II teams can continue to award the equivalent of 36 scholarships, at least for now ... Indiana football rivals keep their big game in check ... Florida school district tests for steroid use ... A Grammy-award winning composer pens new tunes for the University of Hawai'i football team ... Efforts to warn athletes about the dangers of gambling widen ... North Dakota State Head Coach Craig Bohl brings new fans into the game through his Football 101 class ...

Dan Hawkins, Boise State University

Cover Story
The Leading Edge
Not all good leaders are born that way. By setting clear expectations, providing the tools needed to lead, and maintaining open communication, you can develop stronger captains and a better team.

Risk Management
Safety Blitz
The best coaches use two types of safety blitzes: one that sacks quarterbacks and one that keeps the risk of injuries low. Here's how to make safety a part of your gameplan.

Strength & Conditioning
Game for a Change
Why would a member of the Tennessee Titans be tossing a football into a garbage can? It's part of a trend toward using carefully designed games to increase agility and improve conditioning.

High School Champions
Columbus Day
When Brookhaven High School won the Ohio Division II state championship, it was a victory for the entire Columbus City League.

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