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Coaching Management
Baseball Edition
Postseason Edition 2005, Vol. XIII, No. 7

Locker Room Bulletin Board
No more scheduled seven-inning games, the NCAA says ... Gender equity in facility upgrades ... Taking a crowd out to the ball game in Pueblo ... What to say about steroids ... Helping players avoid overuse in showcase events

At Coastal Carolina, Gary Gilmore leads his alma mater into the top level and a top seed.

Cover Story
Calling Catchers
Catchers capable of calling a game can be a valuable asset to a program -- provided they're fully prepared.

Strength & Conditioning
High School Moves
Coaches understand that agility is an important component of athletic achievement. But how do you begin to train agility at the high school level?

Coaching Life
A Fresh Start
If you don't look forward to the first day of practice every year -- and all that goes with it -- it might be time to step back and ask yourself whether you need to coach elsewhere, leave the field, or just reassess how you work.

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