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Coaching Management
Track & Field
Postseason Edition 2005, Vol. XIII, No. 8

Locker Room Bulletin Board
College coaches grapple with new academic measure ... First pole vault helmet hits the market ... Are your athletes at risk for over-hydration? ... Purdue Adopt a Sport program means more helping hands at meets ... Iowa survey provides window into high school athletes' ... Sanctioning snarls complicate Penn Relays.

In 35 years, Ron Allice has coached 250 All-Americans, 16 Olympians, and four world record holders. The Director of Track and Field at the University of Southern California talks about creating a balanced team, issues facing the sport today, and making each season better than the last.

Cover Story
Powerful Partnerships
Successful coaches share practical tips for collaborating with assistant coaches, including how to balance giving advice with allowing independence.

Professional Growth
A Fresh Start
At some point, most coaches have thought about quitting their jobs. How do you know whether it's time to hang up your clipboard, or if you just need a fresh start?

Optimum Performance
On the Fast Track
At Williams College, sprinters are shaving seconds and heading off injuries with a progressive strength and conditioning program.

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