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Coaching Management
Postseason Edition 2005, Vol. XIII, No. 10

Locker Room Bulletin Board
NCAA targets spearing ... Atlanta high school starts season with a sleep over in the gym ... Texas launches Internet video magazine... Strike by coaches at Pennsylvania's state colleges avoided ... Academic progress rules affect recruiting process ... Summer scholarships revocations criticized.

Ed Thomas, Head Coach at Aplington-Parkersburg (Iowa) High School, has four former players in the NFL, and all four are linemen.

Cover Story
Tackling Combines
College coaches love the information high school combines provide, but worry about the recruiting demands they create. Instead of just talking about the problem, coaches are joining together to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative.

Food For Thought
By teaching team members what to eat and when, coaches can ensure that players always have the energy they need.

Strength & Conditioning
Stretching to Score
Players need all the flexibility and core strength they can muster. These partner core stretches can help them develop both during warmup sessions.

High School Champions
Hoosier Heroics
Three last-minute comebacks and one gutsy two-point conversion have added up to three straight Indiana state titles for Roncalli High School in Indiana.

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