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Coaching Management
Track & Field
Preseason Edition 2005, Vol. XIV, No. 1

Locker Room Bulletin Board
Proposal to increase postseason funding makes headway at NCAA ... High school coaches challenge strict uniform rules ... USOC/NCAA Task Force issues report on state of Olympic sports ... New nutrition research helps runnners get ahead ... Rutgers video program takes on tough social issues ... NFHS changes rules for throwers and vaulters.

The winningest high school coach in the state of Tennessee tells what it took to amass 20 state titles in 26 years. Susan Russ is the Head Track and Field Coach at Harpeth Hall Preparatory School for girls in Nashville.

Cover Story
Hitting Their Stride
Want to help your athletes make the most of what they have? Teach them to perfect their running mechanics so not a drop of energy is wasted.

The Coaching Life
The Heart of the Matter
Before you can help your athletes succeed, you need to know who you are and why you do what you do. Defining your coaching philosophy is your first mission.

Sports Nutrition
The Latest Buzz
Whether it's consumed to enhance performance or as part of the daily diet, caffeine can be a negative for today's competitive athlete.

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