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Coaching Management
Postseason Edition 2006, Vol. XIV, No. 3

Locker Room Bulletin Board
Minnesota Lengthens H.S. Games
NCAA Steps up Anti-Gambling Efforts
Arizona Holds Unsanctioned All-Star Game
Warning Cards Come to Ohio
SCREAM Program Goes National
Player Sues Coach for Discrimination
Danny Holzer, Head Coach at Upper St. Clair (Pa.) High School, talks about coaching multi-sport athletes and winning a championship without a single player over 6-foot-3.

Cover Story
All for One
Improving your team chemistry can make the diference between a promising season and a championship. The recipe for creating effective teamwork starts at the top, as coaches provide ways for their athletes to find common ground and work toward collective goals.

Coaching Life
The Heart of the Matter
Before you can help your athletes succeed, you need to know who you are and why you do what you do. Defining your coaching philosophy is your first mission.

Optimum Performance
Ready to Lift?
In order for athletes to get the most out of their strength training, their muscles need to be prepared beforehand. One way to achieve that is through a new technique called movement prep.

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