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Coaching Management
Track & Field
Postseason Edition 2006, Vol. XIV, No. 8

Locker Room Bulletin Board
NCAA Regionals take criticism, try to improve
New Jersey athletes face mandatory steroid testing
Missouri State cuts men's track and field
Wheelchair runner fights for her right to compete
All-American thrower's gender change raises issues
Do youth sports need a culture makeover?
Don Larson, Head Coach at North Dakota State University, has consistently coached his team to NCAA Division II national top-10 finishes. In 2005, the Bison moved to Division I, where they've won two consecutive Independent Outdoor Championship titles.

Cover Story
Going the Distance
Today's administrators are looking for programs that contribute more than winning records. Here's how a handful of top coaches are working hard to make track and field an integral part of their universities.

Ahead of the Pack
Want to put some sciencee behind your endurance training methods? This author dissects the research and provides insight into training for stamina, debunking some myths along the way.

Career Building
Onward and Upward
You help your athletes set goals because you know it motivates them and improves their performance. The surest way to stay passionate about coaching is also to set goals for yourself.

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