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Coaching Management
Football Edition
Postseason Edition 2006, Vol. XIV, No. 10

Locker Room Bulletin Board
New Pro League Requires Degree
N.J. Begins Steroid Testing
Two Divisions for Division II?
A New Type of Video Study
Prayer Case Still in Court
Making Friends With Facebook
Ron Stolski, Head Coach at Brainerd (Minn.) High School, is still learning about football and coaching even after more than 280 wins and 50 seasons.

Cover Story
Squeeze Play
As part-time blockers and part-time receivers, tight ends need to succeed in both roles. Coaches talk about how they train and use this football hybrid.

Professional Growth
Going Deep
Highly successful coaches in three different sports take time out to explain their winning coaching philosophies.

Strength & Conditioning
Line Up With Pilates
Want to reduce injuries to your linemen while improving agility? California (Pa.) did just that, thanks in part to a core strengthening program built on Pilates.

High School Champions
Green Machine
With three Texas state titles in four years, Carroll High School has made championship wins a holiday tradition.

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