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Coaching Management
Postseason Edition 2007, Vol. XV, No. 3

Locker Room Bulletin Board
NBA Plans Youth Academy
Management Council Debates Text Messages
Taking a Time Out
Curbing Negative Recruiting
Reality Show
Good Sports
After retiring in 2000,
Isaiah Peterson returned to take Coahoma County High School to consecutive Mississippi state championships. In this interview, he talks about discipline, instilling self-worth in his players, and counseling his most heavily recruited athletes.

Cover Story
Fresh Air
Using more players in your rotation can lift your program to new heights.

Your Career
Creating A Buzz
The days of simply sending in your application are long gone. To land an interview in today's highly competitive job market, coaches need a systematic and dynamic strategy.

Strength & Conditioning
Core Values
Mid-torso strength underlies every move your players make. That's why you need a multi-faceted approach to training the core.

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