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Coaching Management
Preseason Edition 2007, Vol. XV, No. 4

Locker Room Bulletin Board
Football Programs Face MRSA
Stopping HS Fantasy Football
The Shirts Off Their Backs
Colorado's Healthy Competition
PAT From the Past
Officials Getting Harder to Find
Jerry Moore has led Appalachian State University to back-to-back national titles, making Mountaineers football a big deal in the small town of Boone, N.C.

Cover Story
Against the Grain
Coaches who have won by defying conventional wisdom point out how to succeed while being different.

Lessons from Losing
When losses pile up, self-doubt can follow. A hall of Fame high school coach offers advice for getting the most out of a losing season.

Strength & Conditioning
Gain Without Pain
Hard work is the bedrock of any successful strength-training program. But pushing players to lift until it hurts can do far more harm than good.

High School Champions
Tieing Up a Title
In his first season as Head Coach at an 11-year-old school, J.W. Kenton used Windsor knots to help his players prepare for the biggest game of their lives.

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