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The AthleticSearch engine is designed to help you find information you need most in performing your job as an athletic administrator or coach. It is primarily composed of two sources: information about companies and products; and articles on important topics in the field.

If you are looking, for example, for information on the topic of nutrition for athletes, type the word "nutrition" in the search engine and hit "Search." You will receive information on over 10 different companies that supply or manufacture nutritional products and over 10 different articles on topics in sports nutrition. If you just want the names of suppliers and manufacturers, or just the articles, go to the chooser box just below the search field, and click on the category you want.

You can also choose to search in much more specific areas. If you want to conduct research on companies which supply gym floor covers, for example, simply type "gym floor covers" in the engine, click on "suppliers and manufacturers" in the chooser box and hit "Search." You'll receive information on five different companies as well as links to their Web sites.

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