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Product Connection

Injury Prevention & Treatment

  • Active Ankle T2 rigid ankle brace (from Active Ankle Systems, Inc.)
  • Backnobber II (from Pressure Positive Co., The)
  • Bicep/Triceps Cuff (from Cho-Pat)
  • Deluxe Med Kit (from M.A.S.A.)
  • Hibiclens® (from Hibiclens/Hibistat)
  • New Biofreeze® Maximum Strength Pain Relieving Wip (from Performance Health, Inc./Hygenic, maker of Biofree)
  • Original Knee Strap (from Cho-pat, Inc.)
  • Pro Arch (from Pro-Tec Athletics)
  • Roller Massager with Trigger Point Release Grips (from Pro-Tec Athletics)
  • Stretch Out Strap (from OPTP)
  • Thera-Band Foot Roller (from Performance Health, Inc./Hygenic, maker of Thera-B)
  • Tiger Tail Rolling Muscle Massager (from Pressure Positive Co., The)

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