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M.A.S.A.: Deluxe Med Kit

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Contains the most needed sports first aid items as suggested by professional trainers. Case measures 12W x 9D x 8H and includes (6) after cut and scrapes antiseptic pads w/Lidocaine, (1) 9 reusable ice bag, (4) 6 x 8.75 instant cold packs, (1) 6 x 30 cold pack holder, (1) blister kit, (20) 1 x 3 bandages, (6) 2 x 4.5 large bandages (1) 3 x 15 yard roll of elastic wrap, (1) scissors, (1) 4 oz. Blot Blood-Off_Cloth spray, (10) Latex-free gloves, (1) 4 oz. Eye/wound wash, (2) 1.5 x 15 yd. rolls athletic tape, (1) 2.75 x 30 yd. roll pre-wrap, (20) Antimicrobial skin wipes (kills MRSA) for blood-borne pathogen care, (3) Sport Wound Care Kits which include: latex-free gloves, gauze pads, non-adherent pad, after cuts and scrapes antiseptic pads w/Lidocaine, triple antibiotic ointment, self-adhering wrap, antimicrobial skin wipe (kills MRSA), and infection waste bag. For more information, contact M.A.S.A. by calling 800.264.4519, or check out their website at

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